Michigan winters can be tough on your house – and in some cases, winter weather can do significant damage that requires a professional to fix. Check out these three ways winter can damage your home in Michigan and what you can do to protect your space.

3 Ways Winter Can Damage Your Home

Frigid temperatures, massive snowstorms (and the snowmelt that sometimes accompanies them) and high winds can damage your home. Most commonly, winter damage involves:

  • Gutters and roofing
  • Foundations
  • Sump pumps

Here’s a closer look at each. 

#1 Way Winter Can Damage Your Home: Gutters and Roofing

If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters before winter hits – or at least before the first big snowfall of the year – they may be in for a rough ride. Sodden leaves and other debris can freeze in your gutters, and as the wet masses freeze, they expand. That can tear your gutters open at the seams.

But even if you have cleaned them, the weight of snow and ice buildup is heavy; it can pull down even the sturdiest gutter system.

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#2 Way Winter Can Damage Your Home: Foundation Cracks

During winter, foundations can crack. When leaks and water run down your house or fall directly from your roof, the moisture can seep into your foundation. Just like the potholes in the roads grow, tiny holes or cracks in your foundation can be pushed apart by expanding ice. 

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#3 Way Winter Can Damage Your Home: Sump Pump Flooding

Sump pumps can cause flooding when snow puts pressure on the drain in your yard. That can leave you with a tremendous mess – and the best way to prevent this from happening is to check your pump before it gets cold. Clear out any drain clogs before a big snowfall, too.

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