Damage to your home’s foundation can be a daunting concern since it’s one of the costliest problems that can befall a residence. Being aware of the greatest threats to your foundation can help you avoid potential pitfalls. Here we discuss some of the most common threats to foundations faced by homeowners.

Poor Water Drainage

Improper water drainage is one of the most common causes of foundation damage. Typical contributors to this issue are the absence of roof gutters, or downspouts that aren’t pointed in a direction that carries rainfall away from a house. Water that isn’t properly routed away can saturate the soil and pool around the foundation, causing basement leaks. The same issue can occur with landscaping that doesn’t slope away from the foundation and redirect rainfall.

Landscaping and Soil Conditions

While landscaping can enhance the curb appeal of your property, if it’s not carefully planned it can threaten the integrity of your foundation. The roots of trees and bushes can grow into the foundation as they mature, which can undermine its integrity. So it’s wise to situate these kinds of plantings a minimum of five feet away from the foundation.

Clay soils are prevalent in the Midwest. These soils typically swell when wet and shrink when dry. This shifting can cause your home’s concrete foundation to settle excessively, and incur damage. Be aware that tree roots near the foundation can pull moisture from the soil and be another factor that causes soil beneath the foundation to contract and cause the foundation to settle and shift.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing leaks can wreak havoc on your foundation, especially if the leak is in the main line into your house. A substantial leak can seep into the soil that surrounds the structure and may cause the foundation to shift.