If you’ve had a disaster in your home, whether it’s been a fire, a storm or anything else, you absolutely need to work with a professional restoration company.

Here’s why.

Why You Need a Professional Restoration Company After a Disaster

Most disaster remediation is not a DIY job. It may look like you can clean up fire and soot damage, dry out some furniture or scrub away some mold – but each of these things can be dangerous if you’re not properly trained in the right procedures. Some of these items, like fire-damaged furnishings, can give off toxic fumes that can be harmful to your health; other things, like wet furniture, can grow mold quickly that can threaten your health.

Further, it’s not always safe to be moving around a space that’s been damaged by a disaster. You may feel like it’s okay, but you could be putting yourself in harm’s way just by being inside your home. For safety reasons, it’s best to work with a professional restoration company after a disaster.