Tornado season in Michigan runs between April and July, which means it’s right around the corner. An average of 16 tornadoes occur in Michigan each year, so it pays to know as much as you can about them. That includes knowing what the Fujita-Pearson Tornado Scale is.

What is the Fujita-Pearson Tornado Scale?

The Fujita-Pearson Tornado Scales classifies tornadoes based on wind strength and what kind of damage those winds produce.

Classification Wind Speeds Damage
F-0 72 mph winds Chimney damage; broken tree branches
F-1 73 – 112 mph winds Mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned
F-2 113 – 157 mph winds Mobile homes demolished; trees uprooted
F-3 158 – 205 mph winds Roofs and walls torn down; trains overturned; cars thrown
F-4 207 – 260 mph winds Well-constructed walls leveled
F-5 261 – 318 mph winds Homes lifted from foundations and carried considerable distances; cars thrown as far as 100 meters

There’s no way to predict how many tornadoes will occur each tornado season. However, early warning systems can alert you that a tornado may occur in your area or that a tornado has already been sighted. It pays to have a safety plan in place for yourself and your family, as well as a tornado safety kit that you keep at home in an easy-to-reach location.

Has Your Home Already Been Damaged by a Tornado or High Winds?

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