The last thing you want to have to do is evacuate your house because it’s on fire – but you definitely need to be prepared to do so in case there’s an emergency. Here’s how to put together a fire evacuation plan.

Do You Have a Home Fire Evacuation Plan?

If you don’t already have a fire evacuation plan in place, the best time to create one is now. It’s better to have a plan and never use it than to need a plan and not have one.

Your best bet is to put together a “go bag,” which is your emergency bag to keep by the door in case things go wrong. Stash away all your essentials and store it somewhere safe – like in the trunk of your car.

You’ll have to prepare your family, as well. Let them know what to do – and be specific. For example, tell them how to get out of any room in the house during a fire; then explain where to meet together as a family once you’ve all escaped. Pick a big landmark in the yard or across the street – as long as it’s a place all your family members will recognize, you’re good.