In the winter, it’s absolutely necessary to protect your home from snow damage – but where do you even start? For most people, it makes sense to protect pipes first; if a pipe bursts, you could be looking at flooding and other big problems.

How to Protect Your Pipes From Winter Damage

Protecting your pipes from freezing is essential (check out these 3 signs of frozen pipes so you can tell if you’re already facing a problem).

Water expands when it freezes, which can cause your pipes to crack and burst. Before it gets too cold, drain all the water from your outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. While you’re out there, disconnect outdoor hoses and cover the faucets with insulators.

Look inside your home for pipes that run through unheated areas, like the garage, your attic or your basement. When you find them, cover them with insulation.

If you do end up having a water emergency, turn off your water immediately. (If you’re not sure where your water shutoff valve is, now is the time to find out!) Usually, the shutoff valve is located in the basement or garage, and sometimes it has a metal, plastic or concrete access cover.

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