3 Signs of Frozen Pipes

If you’re like most Michigan homeowners, you know that frozen pipes can be catastrophic – and that preventing them can save you a tremendous headache.

So how can you tell if your pipes are frozen before it becomes a huge issue that costs you thousands to repair?

3 Signs of Frozen Pipes

Some pipes are more susceptible to freezing than others are – especially those lining exterior walls and those in attics or basements. Because they may not be properly insulated, or because they may not receive as much heat as those throughout the rest of the house, these pipes can freeze faster than others.

Signs that you have frozen pipes include:

  • Frost
  • Water that’s MIA
  • Strange smells

Frost on Pipes

If you see frost on the pipe’s exterior, there’s a good chance that the pipe itself is frozen. It may be visible on exposed pipes, like those under sinks.

Missing Water

When you turn on the faucet and you don’t get any water – or if you get a slight trickle – there’s a good chance that the pipe leading to the faucet is frozen.

Strange Smells

If a pipe is partly blocked, odors from elsewhere in the pipe might escape back up to the drains.

Did You Experience a Catastrophe Because of a Frozen Pipe?

Sometimes there’s no way to prevent a pipe from freezing – especially if you didn’t know it was at risk.

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