What Causes Sewer Backup?

If you’re facing a sewer backup mess but you haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause, you might have a tough time moving forward with cleanup and reconstruction. These types of disasters are usually caused by one of three things: clogging, tree roots and damaged sewer lines.

Clogs Leading to Sewage Backup

Sewage backups are often caused by clogged sewer lines. You can diagnose this type of issue by figuring out whether the problem came from one toilet, tub or sink; if each drain is affected, your home’s main sewer line could be blocked. These types of blockages cause backup through all floor drains and toilets, which can flood your basement. The problem is that unless someone removes the blockage, the overflow will keep getting worse.

Tree Roots Causing Sewage Backup

Large tree roots have been known to break much sturdier stuff than sewer lines (they can work their way through sidewalks and more). They can grow right into pipes, creating holes and causing blockages, or they can wrap around and crush them.

Damaged Sewer Lines Causing Sewage Backup

Old plumbing and sewer systems can have a whole host of issues on their own. You could be facing cracks, breaks or even collapses, because older pipes and sewers were typically made of cast iron and clay. Those substances weaken over time, which leaves you with a big mess in your home.

Do You Need Help With Sewer Cleanup?

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