Is it possible to prevent mold in a wet carpet? Mold grows quickly – so here’s what you need to know. 

Can You Prevent Mold in a Wet Carpet?

If your carpet gets wet, whether it’s due to a burst pipe, a leaking roof or any other cause, you’ll need to act quickly. The safest course of action is to cut off the water supply and get in touch with a water damage remediation expert who can help.

The right water damage remediation team can dry out the water quickly and safely. The sooner your carpet dries, the less likely it is to enable mold to grow. 

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Here are a few tips you can use if your carpet gets wet (but not disaster-level wet – if it’s disaster-level wet, you need professional help):

  • Remove excess water with a wet-dry vac. If you don’t have that type of vacuum, use old towels and blot the area as best you can.
  • Place aluminum foil under your furniture’s feet. That way, the stain in the wood won’t leech into your carpet. 
  • Lift up curtains and other fabrics so they’re not touching the wet carpet.
  • Use a dehumidifier. Place it as close as you can to the wet area of the carpet. 
  • Do not use a fan if you suspect mold is already going. That will only cause mold spores to spread around your house more easily. 

What if It Wasn’t an Ordinary Spill?

If you’ve been the victim of a burst pipe, toilet overflow or anything that could contain gray or black water, it’s essential that you contact a professional for help rather than trying to clean and treat the damage yourself. Dealing with gray or black water can be dangerous to your health, so you need to work with someone who takes the proper precautions and who can sanitize the area to make it safe for you.

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