If you’re like many people in Michigan, you know that we have plenty of storms – and with those storms come frequent power outages. When the power goes out during a winter storm, do you know what to do?

5 Things to Do When the Power Goes Out During a Winter Storm

Winter storms in Ann Arbor, Chelsea and neighboring communities can be pretty serious, and that frosty season is right around the corner.

Here’s what to do when the power goes out during a winter storm in Michigan:

  • Layer clothing on everyone in your house – even your pets
  • Insulate your windows by pulling drapes or hanging up blankets
  • Put dark blankets on the floor where the sun shines in
  • Put towels beneath all drafty doors – even between rooms
  • Turn your faucets on to a trickle

Layer Clothing

The most important thing you can do for your family when the power goes out during a winter storm is to keep them as cozy as possible (including your pets, even if they don’t like it). Everyone needs to layer on the clothing, which will trap in body heat they already have. If anyone gets hot, only allow them to remove one layer at a time – otherwise, they could lose the heat they worked so hard to preserve.

Insulate Your Windows

Pull the drapes or hang up blankets over your windows to stop frigid drafts in their tracks. This is especially important at night, when temperatures can drop even further – and when there’s no sunlight to try to trap.

Put Dark Blankets on the Floor

If the sun is shining in, put dark blankets or towels under the rays to gather up heat. If it’s easy enough to do, move your sofa or chairs into the sunlight so you can bask in it as best you can.

Put Towels Beneath Drafty Doors

Stuff rolled-up towels under drafty doors and around the edges of drafty windows to keep frigid gusts from coming in.

Turn Your Faucets On to a Trickle

Turn on your faucets to keep the water moving and prevent the pipes from freezing. (Check out these 3 signs of frozen pipes so you know what to watch for, too.)

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