It’s easy to miss certain safety hazards that may exist inside of your home. Some oversights, if left unaddressed—like the beginnings of water and termite damage, can gradually jeopardize the structural integrity of your home and the safety and well-being of you and your family. Here’s where to look for water leaks or active termites inside of your residence.


Where to Look for Leaks

Keep your eyes open for water leaks inside of your home. Left unchecked, a leak can lead to expensive repairs and possibly a decrease in your home’s value.


Exactly where should you be looking? You likely already know the basic areas to check: beneath the sinks in your kitchen and baths, and in your basement. But also look under and behind your major appliances. After you’ve looked beneath and behind, don’t forget to look UP—at your ceiling. Look there for staining. A leak in your roof, water that finds its way in and around skylights, or a slow leak in a pipe, could all trickle slowly enough so that you’ll notice discoloration on your ceiling before you actually see dripping water.


You may consider investing in water sensors for your home. These devices can help safeguard various spaces in your residence by emitting sensor alerts to notify you of leaks.


Signs of Damage From Termites

Termites present another serious threat to your home’s structure. These bugs can tunnel into wood supports, like floor and ceiling joists, and cause major damage. If you’ve got wood floors, check them for “blistering,” which is when the surface appears to bubble. This can be an indication of termite damage, or water damage, beneath.


Also, be sure to monitor the base of your home’s exterior walls for mud tunnels and termite droppings. The droppings can resemble small pellets of wood, and may also be found around your interior walls.


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