Michigan’s weather is unpredictable – and this year has had more ups and downs than years past. And as a commercial building owner, you know that the weather (particularly rain and flooding, as well as tornadoes) can severely impact your space. So what should you do when your business floods and you own the building? This guide explains.

What to Do When Your Business Floods

If your business floods, the first thing you should do is call a water remediation expert. Our team can go directly to your commercial space and evaluate the damage so we can begin the water extraction process, which will save as many of your items as possible. 

In the meantime, you should not go inside a flooded building. There could be serious hazards – including threat of electrocution – and it’s not worth entering until after a professional has given you the all-clear.

What Happens When You Call Exact Recon?

Our team will head to your commercial space as soon as we can after you let us know there’s been a flood.

We can have a crew at most sites within an hour.

We’ll survey the damage and figure out what takes priority, and then we’ll spring into action so that you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible. We have the most techonolgically advanced drying equipment in the industry, which means we’ll remove as much water as possible – and we’ll do it fast – to prevent the water damage from continuing to spread. We’ll work hard to remove your items and salvage anything we can.

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Do You Need a Disaster Remediation Expert in Washtenaw County or Jackson County?

If your home has already been damaged, we can help. Check out our services and call 734-352-9183 for your free disaster remediation quote today. We offer:

Water damage restoration

Mold removal and remediation

Fire and smoke restoration

Sewer cleanup and disinfecting


Wind and storm damage repair