Fire doesn’t discriminate – it can strike anywhere at any time. But there are some reasons fires start that are far more common than others are.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is the #1 Cause of House Fires?

The National Fire Protection Association says that there are about 400,000 house fires each year in the United States, and we see several of those in Michigan alone. Unfortuantely, there are some common themes that we see when we go to repair homes damaged by fire.

The #1 cause of house fires is cooking. Fires can start through the open flames of a gas burner, the heat from electrical burners or even because of outdoor grills. What often happens is that cooking tools or food catch on fire, and the flames start to burn out of control.

What Are the Other Most Common Causes of House Fires?

The most common causes of house fires also include:

  • Smoking. Smoking causes fires all over the U.S., and those fires lead to about 1,000 deaths every year. Whether someone falls asleep with a cigarette in his or her mouth or hot embers fall on a household item, these fires can grow very quickly.
  • Christmas tree fires. Dry Christmas trees are exceptionally dangerous – it’s like having kindling in the house, and just one small spark (or a shorted-out string of Christmas lights) can start a fire that engulfs an entire home.
  • Candles. About 18,000 house fires start because of candles each year. Usually, these fires are due to negligence – such as leaving lit candles unattended or having a flammable material close to a candle.

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