Not to be confused with a panic room, which is designed to provide a homeowner with a secret and safe refuge from an intruder, a safe room helps protect you and your family from the dangers of extreme weather.

In the U.S. tornadoes, hurricanes, and extreme winds injure and kill people every year and are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage. Even newly-constructed homes that are built according to current codes don’t provide sufficient protection for homeowners who seek safety from severe weather events.

Exactly What Does a Safe Room Do?

A safe room is a room or a structure that’s specifically designed and built above the minimum code requirements of a typical house in order to be able to withstand wind pressures and impacts from wind-borne debris. This can provide life-saving protection for you and your family during extreme wind events, like tornadoes and hurricanes.

Where Should You Build a Safe Room?

When it comes to choosing where to have a safe room built inside of your home, you’ve got lots of options. You can also build a safe room adjacent to your house, or outside of your residence as a detached structure. If your safe room is built as a separate structure it should be situated within 150 feet of the closest entrance to your home, per FEMA guidelines, so that you can quickly get inside during an emergency.

Restrictions on Safe Room Locations

When picking a location for your detached safe room it’s important to avoid areas where flood waters can present a hazard. Also, a safe room that’s situated in an area that may flood during a hurricane should not be used during that hurricane event. You may, however, use the aforementioned safe room during a tornado, if the space won’t be flooded by related storms and tornado activity.

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