If you’re dealing with fire damage, your best bet is to work with a fire damage restoration specialist in Ann Arbor – but if that’s not in the cards for you, you may be able to at least deal with some of the smoke odor on your own.

What Gets Rid of Smoke Odor?

Regular deodorizing sprays and air fresheners aren’t strong enough to counteract smoke, which means you have to get rid of the odor-causing smoke molecules in the air to treat the problem. Sometimes it requires professional help, so bear that in mind. (If you’re still dealing with soot and charring, that has to be addressed first.)

However, you can try:

  • White vinegar. You can wipe all the affected surfaces in your home with a rag dipped in white vinegar.
  • Baking soda. Sometimes leaving a bowl of baking soda in each room can help. You can also sprinkle it over furniture and the floor, then vacuum it away after several minutes.
  • Activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a natural odor absorber that you may be able to leave around each room affected by the odor.
  • Ozone generators. Ozone generators, which are expensive, can help mitigate the smells associated with fire.

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