Having mold in your home is a tough problem – and it’s one that probably requires professional help.

But every home has some mold in it; there are spores everywhere.

You only need help if there are enough mold spores to cause damage or to cause health issues.

What is Mold?

Mold is a kind of fungus, and it’s really prevalent in nature. It doesn’t require any light to grow, unlike a plant, which means it can spring up a colony nearly anywhere if conditions are right. It feeds on dissolved nutrients, and each spore is so tiny and lightweight that it can travel nearly anywhere.

How Does Mold Cause Problems in Homes?

Mold comes in on pets’ feet, your shoes, or even through windows, doors and vents.

It causes problems in homes because of the moisture trapped inside. When there’s a leak, flooding or any other type of moisture that the mold can get into – provided that the moisture is going to be there a while – it dives right in and thrives. It can grow on paint, in drywall, in carpet and even in wood and paper products.

Usually, mold does better in the dark than it does in the light – and that makes it tough to identify. However, it does have a musty odor that’ll alert you that something’s wrong.

Health Risks and Mold

There are plenty of health risks associated with mold, including short-term symptoms that occur after exposure, as well as long-term health problems. It can be extremely dangerous for a person with a chronic lung disease to be exposed to mold, as well.

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