While Michigan isn’t as humid as some states (we’re looking at you, Florida), we still get our share – and if you’re not careful, you could have mold growing in your attic.

But what causes mold growth in attics, and how can you prevent it?

What Causes Mold Growth in Your Attic?

Mold in your attic thrives on the low-light, high-humidity conditions up there. It also has plenty to sustain it – including anything high in cellulose, like plywood and wooden joists.

It can get there through vents, condensation from a heating and cooling unit, or leaks in your roof.

Moisture Through Vents

Your bathroom most likely has a fan in it, and that fan leads to a vent. In some homes, the vent goes directly into the attic. It’s not supposed to, but some builders cut corners – or your house may be so old that it was before people were concerned about mold growth in attics.

Condensation From HVAC Systems

Most builders don’t do it here, but in some areas, they install HVAC systems in attics. Arizona is famous for this, in fact, and it’s a big problem – not only when you need to replace your HVAC system, but when it releases condensation into an enclosed, dark space. Those are perfect conditions for mold growth!

Leaks in Your Roof

A leak in the roof is the most common cause of mold growth in the attic. When your shingles are missing granules, they’re lifting or curling, or they’re completely gone, your roof is at risk. Even a small, slow leak – one you don’t even notice – can promote mold growth. (Many roofing companies offer free inspections, so now that you’re thinking about it, why not call someone to come out?)

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