DON’T enter room where there is standing water, it could cause electrical shock if power I on.

DON’T turn off power if the circuit box is wet. Call DTE or whatever power provider you have.

DON’T use appliances or anything while standing wet on floors.

DON’T turn on ceiling lights if ceiling is wet.

DON’T remove water with a home vacuum, this could cause electrical shock.

DON’T leave wet fabrics in place, hang to dry as soon as possible.

DON’T turn heat up, this could cause mold if turned up to a certain temperature.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Contact Exact Recon Restoration Experts in the Ann Arbor, MI area. We are open 24/7. Time is everything! Call Chad for a complimentary analysis. (734) 352-9183, we are happy to help.

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Areas We Serve

Exact Recon serves the cities of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dexter, and Chelsea, as well as nearby communities. We primarily work in the following ZIP codes:

  • 48103

  • 48104

  • 48105

  • 48108

  • 48109

  • 48115

  • 48118

  • 48130

  • 48158

  • 48175
  • 48176
  • 48197
  • 48198
  • 49012
  • 49201
  • 49202
  • 49203
  • 49230
  • 49237
  • 49240
  • 49241
  • 49261
  • 49263
  • 49269
  • 49283
  • 49284

We serve Jackson & Washtenaw counties including:

Ann Arbor, Augusta Charter Township, Barton Hills, Blackman Charter Township, Bridgewater, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Columbia Township, Concord, Dexter, Freedom Township, Grass Lake, Hanover, Henrietta Township, Jackson, Leoni Township, Liberty Township, Lima Township, Lodi Township, Lyndon Township, Manchester, Napolean Township, Northfield Township, Norvell Township, Parma, Pittsfield Charter Township, Pulaski Township, Rives Township, Salem, Saline, Sandstone Charter Township, Scio Township, Sharon Township, Spring Arbor Township, Springport, Summit Township, Superior Township, Sylvan Township, Tompkins Township , Vineyard Lake, Waterloo Township, Webster Township, York Charter Township, Ypsilanti