An average of 16 tornadoes occur in Michigan each year – and most of them happen in April, May, June and July.

That’s right around the corner, so you need to know the differences between tornado myths and tornado facts; they could help save your life.

Tornado Myths vs. Tornado Facts

Before you can protect your family properly, you need to have a good grip on tornado facts.

  • Tornado watch: A tornado watch is an alert that lets you know there’s a possibility of tornado development in your area.
  • Tornado warning: A tornado warning is issued when someone has seen a tornado or when a tornado is indicated by radar.

You also have to know the differences between tornado myths and tornado facts.

Tornado Myth Tornado Fact
You’re safe if you live by a river or lake. Any place can be hit by a tornado.
Buildings can explode because of low pressure when tornadoes pass overhead. The most structural damage from tornadoes comes from violent winds and debris carried in those winds.
You should open the windows when a tornado comes through to equalize pressure inside and outside, which will minimize damage Opening windows only lets in damaging winds, so you should leave them closed.
You can always see a tornado coming. Sometimes tornadoes are hidden in heavy rainfall or cloudy conditions.


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