If you’ve lived in Michigan for any length of time – particularly around Chelsea, Ann Arbor, Dexter and the surrounding communities – you know how heavy snow can be. You probably also know that it can do a number on your roof.

Here’s what you need to know about clearing snow from your roof before the first winter storm hits.

Tips for Clearing Snow From Your Roof

When the snow piles high, you need to know that its weight could collapse your roof – especially if it’s flat or has a low pitch. You should never try to clear your roof of snow while it’s still snowing; it’s just not safe.

Wait until the snow stops, and then look for signs of collapse before you try to clear it away. Watch for sagging areas, leaks, cracked or split wood, or bends or ripples in supports. Also be on the lookout for cracks in masonry, doors that pop open on their own, or creaks, cracks or pops – all of these sounds could signal that your roof is about to give way.

Snow removal can be dangerous, so consider hiring a professional who can handle it for you. If you’re going to do it yourself:

  • Have a spotter who can watch you while you’re up there, and who’s prepared to catch you if you lose your footing.
  • Use a snow rake or a broom. Don’t use anything metal, which could possibly conduct electricity or damage your roof.
  • Don’t try to remove all the snow at once – just try to get a few inches off to prevent damage.
  • Clear your gutters and drains while you’re there. If ice builds up, you could be looking at bigger issues.
  • Never use open flame or electric heating devices to remove snow or ice.
  • Be careful on the ladder you use to get up there – ice can build up on the rungs or on your shoes.

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