Smoke Damage - What You Need to Know

Even a small fire can generate a tremendous amount of smoke – and smoke can do irreparable damage to your belongings. If you’re like most people, you take one look at the fire, smoke and soot damage and you feel like getting things back to normal is impossible.

The good news: In many cases, it is possible to clean things up and get a fresh start.

For many people, that means hiring a fire and smoke damage restoration company that can come out to your property, assess the problems you’re facing, and put you back on the path to normalcy.

The first thing you can do is begin to air out your home – as long as it’s safe for you to be inside it. You may need to get permission from a fire marshal to do so.

Once you’re inside, open all the windows and if you can, bring in a small fan and try to circulate the air. You should wear protective gear that prevents you from breathing in any of the chemicals used to fight the fire, as well as the chemicals generated from the things in your home that burned in the fire.

Before you attempt to clean anything, let your wet items dry. (After a fire, there’s usually a lot of water in your belongings.)

Because mixing cleaning products with the chemicals the fire created – or the chemicals the firefighters used to douse the flames – can be incredibly dangerous, you always want to work in a well-ventilated space. For most people, the best option is to work with a smoke damage remediation company who can worry about the chemicals while you stay safe.

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