Mold growing in your home can be incredibly dangerous to your health – and if you suspect you have mold, you need to talk to an Ann Arbor mold remediation expert immediately.

But how do you know if there’s mold growing in your home?

Signs of Mold in the Home

If you or someone in your household is having a problem with allergies and you can’t pinpoint the source, you may want to have the home checked for mold. Common allergic reactions include:

  • Sneezing
  • Sore eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Nasal congestion

Other ways you can tell whether you may have a mold problem include:

  • Smelling a moldy odor. Don’t ignore odors – if you do, and it ends up being a mold problem, it could become worse quickly.
  • Seeing visible signs of mold growth. It can be tough to notice small amounts of mold, which can even look like soot or dirt. If you see mold growth, you need to act immediately. It won’t stop growing on its own, and you need professional help.
  • Seeing signs of water problems. If you have long-term moisture issues in your home, eventually mold will grow.
  • Seeing water leaks. Water leaks – especially those that go without repair – often lead to bigger problems. Sometimes mold growth from leaks goes undetected, especially when they’re behind walls or hiding behind other surfaces.

Do You Think You Have a Mold Issue in Ann Arbor?

If you suspect you have a mold problem in Ann Arbor or the surrounding communities, get in touch with a mold remediation expert today. Call us at 734-352-9183 or contact us online so we can schedule an appointment to analyze the situation right away.