One of the worst tragedies that could hit your home – especially as we start moving into storm season – is a house fire. Unfortunately, many house fires are the result of lightning strikes.

But for some people, that means protecting their homes by installing lightning rods. While there’s never any guarantee that something will prevent your home from catching fire, the statistics say that installing them may help.

What Are Lightning Rods?

Lightning rods, which are really just metal rods or wires fixed to an exposed part of your home, can intercept the high voltage that lightning carries. They don’t decrease the chance that lightning will strike your house – but they do capture lightning strikes and provide all that electricity with a safe path into the ground, where it belongs. That can help prevent damage to your home.

Do You Need Lightning Rods?

The vast majority of home lightning strikes occur in Florida, so we’re a bit safer up here in Jackson County and Oakland County. (We’re not even in the top 10, according to the Insurance Information Institute, or III.) Michigan does have its share of lightning-related deaths, though.

But despite our lower risk, if you’re like many homeowners, you still want that extra layer of protection.

Here’s when you should consider lightning rods:

  • When you live in a very tall home
  • When you have tall trees that are taller than your home, but less than 10 feet away
  • When you live in an area with a lot of lightning strikes

And contrary to urban legend, lightning can strike in the same place twice.

The catch: Lightning rods can be really expensive to install, and it’s not a DIY job.

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