If you live in Michigan, you know we get our fair share of heavy storms and tornadoes – but is the weather so extreme that you should buy impact-resistant windows?

Here’s what you need to know.

Should You Buy Impact-Resistant Windows?

Impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand high winds and projectiles moving at high speeds (including wayward baseballs). Usually, these windows are made with:

  • Two panes of shatter-resistant glass. If something shatters the exterior pane of glass, the inner layer remains in place – and it’s coated, like a car’s windshield, so that it won’t shatter into dangerous shards.
  • An adhesive layer that holds the panes together. The coating that prevents windows from shattering is the adhesive layer that holds the two panes of glass together. It might be made from PVB, resin or EVA, and it’s the same stuff car manufacturers use on windshields.
  • A sturdy frame. Frames on these types of windows are usually steel or aluminum, vinyl or wood. Naturally, metal frames are the strongest – and the most expensive – but wood frames cost the less while requiring more maintenance.

When you buy a truly impact-resistant window, it’s able to pass several tests. For example, these windows can withstand:

  • Large missile impact. That means it can stand up to a 9-pound wooden block hitting it at up to 80 feet per second.
  • Small missile impact. Small pieces of gravel or steel ball bearings are no match for these windows – even when they’re coming in hot at 80 feet per second.
  • Wind. A truly impact resistant window can handle wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

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