What Makes Sewage Backups So Dangerous - Sewer Cleanup Ann Arbor

Sewer cleanup is a highly specialized process, and it’s one that needs expert attention – and that’s because the water resulting from that type of backup can be teeming with viruses, bacteria and other dangerous microbes.

What Makes Sewage Backups So Dangerous?

There are three types of water that come out of a backup. The first, clean water, comes from a clean source, like a water supply line or leaky faucet; you shouldn’t expect dangerous bacteria or viruses in it. The second, gray water, comes from toilet overflow or washing machine overflow. It can contain viruses and bacteria, and it can quickly turn into black water – the most dangerous type of overflow. Black water is contaminated and could cause illness or death. It can contain untreated sewage, chemicals and potentially deadly viruses and bacteria.

Should You Clean Up a Sewer Backup Yourself?

You should never attempt to clean up a sewer backup yourself. It requires specialized equipment – and the people cleaning it up require personal protective equipment, or PPE, that prevents them from being exposed to the dangers black water presents. Once the immediate hazard is removed, the area still needs to be disinfected and sanitized, as well as deodorized and restored to its original condition.

Do You Need Help With Sewer Cleanup?

ExactRecon can help you get your home or business back to its original condition after a sewer backup or contamination with clean, gray or black water.

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