Like any mold, orange mold inside of your home can be detrimental to the health of you and your family. Consider these tips for how to clean this mold yourself, and when to call in the pros.

From Wood

If you want to remove orange mold, or any mold, from wood, avoid using bleach because it’s typically comprised of chlorine and 96 percent water—water will penetrate the wood and provide additional moisture for mold growth. Besides, chlorine is designed to primarily work on the surface of materials, so it won’t kill mold and bacteria growing beneath the surface.

From Your Toilet Bowl

Your toilet bowl is an ideal incubator for mold because of the humidity and darkness it provides. You may find mold growing inside of your toilet when you’ve been away from home for a while because a reduced amount of flushing stops the circulation of chlorine, which helps destroy mold. Allowing waste to linger in your toilet bowl for an extended time can also promote growth.

You can clean orange mold from your toilet bowl by using vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or bleach solutions. Frequent flushing from use will also help stop molds from gaining a foothold. Another option to clean your bowl is to use a handheld steamer, since the high-pressure steam can kill bacteria and germs.

From Your Water Filter and Refrigerator

To prevent the growth of orange mold and other molds in your refrigerator’s water filter be sure to replace it as recommended—using an oxidizing filter can help. When it comes to your refrigerator, make sure you promptly throw away food that has developed mold and clean the inside surfaces of the fridge using a bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar solution.

How Much Mold Is Safe to Clean Yourself?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises against trying to remove large quantities of mold on your own. Any space bigger than 10 square feet should be remediated by a pro. Also, if there is mold in your HVAC, never attempt to handle it yourself.

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