Nonresidential Building Fire Data from FEMA

Nonresidential building fires – those that occur in buildings that people don’t live in but use for other things – rose steadily in the period between the beginning of 2006 and the end of 2015, and while the newest data from FEMA isn’t yet available, we can learn some things from what happened during that 10-year period.

Nonresidential Building Fire Trends

The 2006 to 2015 data from FEMA says:

  • There were 104,600 nonresidential building fires between 2006 and 2015
  • There were 70 deaths as a result of those fires
  • There were 1,325 injuries as a result of those fires
  • The total dollar loss resulting from those fires was $2,691,100,000

During that 10-year period, there was:

  • A 1 percent increase in fires
  • A 30 percent decrease in deaths
  • A 1 percent decrease in injuries
  • A 23 percent decrease in dollar loss

The main causes of fire in those nonresidential buildings was cooking, with 30,900 fires due to that alone. Other causes were carelessness (10,900 fires) and intentional arson (9,800 fires).

Remember, these are nonresidential buildings – those used for purposes other than living, such as businesses, schools and warehouses. Restaurants, shops and commercial operations are all included in these figures.

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