My Basement Carpet Got Flooded. How Long Before Mold Begins to Grow?

So, one of the kids left the basement bathroom sink running and now your entire carpet is soggy with water. How long do you have before mold begins to grow?

Mold Growth

After a carpet gets wet mold growth can begin within 24 to 48 hours. So you should do your best to clean up the moisture and dry the carpet as soon as possible, or call in pros to handle it for you.

Molds That Thrive in Wet Carpets, and Their Harmful Effects

Several kinds of mold spores exist inside your home, awaiting the right set of conditions to grow. There are some, however, that particularly love wet carpet. Of these molds some are more harmful than others and can cause allergic reactions or irritate your lungs and eyes. If you’ve already begun to see mold form on your wet carpet here are some of the kinds you may have, as well as their harmful effects.

Alternaria — is an allergenic mold that can irritate your lungs. It can spread rapidly and should be removed fast to prevent growth.

Cladosporium — is a common indoor mold that can cause allergic reactions and may affect those with respiratory conditions.

Chaetomium — is an allergenic mold that usually produces an odor. Certain strains can cause skin and nail infections.

Fusarium — is a toxigenic mold that tolerates cold conditions, so you may find it growing in carpet that’s been flooded during winter months.

Stachbotrys — a.k.a. “black mold,” stachbotrys isn’t as common as the other kinds of mold. Still, it is dangerous and produces toxins.

Trichoderma — some strains of trichoderma are non-toxic, while others are. Because this mold is resistant to antifungal treatments, carpet that it’s growing on has to be removed.


Professionals can identify which type of mold you have and determine the best means of remediation. The best way to prevent mold is to keep your carpet dry, and to dry it right away after leaks and floods.

Our teams of professionals can dry your carpet quickly, and restore any other portions of your property that have been affected by a flood.

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