Is a Flooded Basement Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Is a flooded basement covered by homeowners insurance?

The short answer: Probably not.

It’s incredibly important to maintain your sump pump (or at least know how it works) if you have one – and here’s what you need to know about insuring your property against flooding.

Is a Flooded Basement Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

With heavy rains in some parts of the country – Michigan included – lots of people are wondering if their homeowners insurance policies will cover flooding. A standard policy doesn’t usually cover flooding; you’ll have to purchase a separate policy for that.

The insurance industry’s rule of thumb is water that comes from the top down, like ice dams, is generally covered by a standard policy. Water that comes from the bottom up, such as what happens with flooding, is usually not covered.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that if they don’t live in a flood zone, they don’t need flood insurance. That’s a mistake because in an average year, about a third of all claims that the National Flood Insurance Program pays out are for policies in low-risk communities.

Do You Have Questions About Flood Damage?

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