If you’re like many people, you have a disaster preparedness bag ready to go in the event of a Michigan tornado, earthquake, fire or other natural disaster – and that’s great.

But is it stocked with these must-have medications that you may need if you’re forced out of your home due to a disaster?

Important Medications to Put in Your Preparedness Bag

While the medications you take every day need to be in your preparedness bag, you may not have thought about:

  • Triple antibiotic ointment or cream with pain-reliever
  • Imodium or something similar
  • Aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • Benadryl

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#1. Triple antibiotic ointment or cream with pain-reliever

A triple antibiotic ointment or cream is a must-have in your preparedness bag. If you’re leaving the area of a disaster, cuts and scrapes can easily become infected (especially if you’re dealing with sewage and other dangerous contaminants) if you don’t care for them properly.

#2. Imodium or something similar

Stress is a doozy, and if your home has been damaged in a disaster, you never know – it’s better safe than sorry.

#3. Aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen

When you’re running around, scrambling to find a disaster remediation expert and figure out what to do next (like find a hotel that can accommodate your family and your pets), you’re bound to get a headache – or other aches and pains. Having an over-the-counter pain reliever on-hand can go a long way to lessen your suffering.

#4. Benadryl

Allergic reactions are no joke, but having Benadryl on-hand will help keep everybody feeling fine. Benadryl works on pets, too, so if your four-legged family members get hives or a rash, call your vet and see if it’s okay to share.

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