It’s not always easy to spot the signs of water damage – but with this checklist, you’ll be able to determine whether your home has it.

How to Spot the Signs of Water Damage

There are several signs of water damage, but they’re not all obvious. Here’s how you can tell if your home has signs of water damage:

  • Check for discoloration
  • Look for water accumulation
  • Search for changes in texture
  • Sniff out odors

Check for Discoloration

You might see water spots, stains, or bubbling, cracking or peeling paint. If you see discolored spots on your ceiling, walls or floors, you could have water damage.

Look for Water Accumulation

Naturally, water pooling anywhere is a bad sign. You may have puddles from a leaky roof, damaged and leaking pipes, or a sewer backup.

Search for Changes in Texture

Any changes in texture should be a red flag to you. Look for warping, buckling, sagging or sinking, or expansion – they’re all signs of water damage in the home.

Sniff Out Odors

A damp, musty smell, or the definite smell of mildew, is a sure sign that there’s too much water somewhere. The problem is that some types of drywall act like sponges and become saturated with moisture; then, they begin to smell. Usually in situations like this, mold begins to develop.

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