Spring is (finally) right around the corner – and everybody in Michigan knows that April showers bring May flowers.

But April showers can be a serious danger to your home. Check out these tips to help ensure you’re ready for spring storms.

How to Prepare for Springtime Floods in Michigan

First things first: If you’re in a flood zone, make sure you have flood insurance. Sometimes flood zones change, so even if your home wasn’t in a flood zone before, it could be now.

From there:

  • Stock up on sandbags
  • Store irreplaceable items above flood levels
  • Put together an emergency flood plan

Stock Up on Sandbags

You can always get sandbags, but once word gets out that heavy rains are on the way, there will be pretty long lines for supplies – which means you should stock up on them now. In addition to sandbags, pick up a few building supplies. Look for things like tarps, nails and plywood boards to stash away in case you need them.

Store Irreplaceable Items Above Flood Levels

Don’t keep irreplaceable items on the basement floor. In fact, you should keep them upstairs, in a closet and on a shelf. Things like your identification documents, passports, insurance documents and titles belong above flood levels at all times! You never know when (or how) disaster will strike.

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Put Together an Emergency Flood Plan

Your family should have a plan in place for everything – fire, flooding and other emergencies included. That includes agreeing to never, ever walk, swim or drive through flood waters, and to evacuate if you’re told to do so. Ready.gov provides flood preparation advice that you can use to make sure your family stays safe before, during and after a flood.

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