How to Find and Seal Exterior Foundation Cracks

The last thing you want is for your basement to flood – but as Ann Arbor disaster experts, we’ve seen it happen plenty of times.

And one of the main reasons that people’s basements flood is that there are exterior foundation cracks. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that you can find and seal exterior foundation cracks to help prevent your basement from flooding.

Here’s how.

How to Find and Seal Exterior Foundation Cracks

There are plenty of reasons your foundation can crack, including soil settling around them, water seeping into the concrete (which then expands and cracks), and even movement of the ground. Cracks are usually vertical or diagonal, and they may be wide or thin – but when you find them, they need to be repaired immediately.

When you find cracks in your foundation, you need a vinyl concrete patching compound for hairline cracks and polyurethane, silicone or latex concrete caulk for larger ones. Once you have your patching compound:

  • Clear out loose material, including dust and debris, with a wire brush
  • Widen the crack slightly with a hammer and chisel so the patch can adhere better
  • Follow the instructions on your patching compound’s package to apply

After you’ve waited for your patching compound to dry, you’ll need to seal the foundation walls. For most jobs, you need a waterproof masonry sealer, which can protect the concrete from water incursion. Follow the instructions on the label of the sealant you’re using to make sure you’re doing it properly.

Pro tip: In the future, make sure your gutters and downspouts are working properly. Downspouts need to carry water away from your foundation, and your yard needs to be graded, too.

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