If your home has been flood-damaged, you need to talk to a flood restoration expert right away – but what about drying your important documents and books if they’re the only things that have been damaged? (Your water damage restoration expert can do this for you.)

How to Dry Documents and Books

When it comes to drying water damage on documents and books, you have several options. Remember, though, that simply drying your belongings doesn’t restore them.

Air Drying

You don’t need special equipment to air-dry your materials, but remember that the paper can warp if you use this method.


Experts can dehumidify your documents and books using a dehumidification chamber, but it can be expensive. It also needs to be done before the materials swell or start to stick together.

Freezer Drying

In some cases, you can freeze-dry your materials. However, they need to freeze quickly and temperatures have to fall below –10 degrees F. It’s not foolproof, though; pieces of paper can stick together, and the process takes at least several weeks.

Vacuum Thermal Drying

Experts can use vacuum thermal drying chambers to take care of your documents and books. However, sometimes it isn’t suitable for books – it can cause distortion and make the pages stick together.

Vacuum Freeze Drying

Experts may be able to vacuum freeze dry your books and other documents. They can get the best possible results if your documents are put in the freezer within six hours of getting wet, but it can be costly.

Is Your Home Water-Damaged?

If your home and belongings are already water-damaged, we may be able to help you.

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