Mold and mildew can be hazardous to your health – and in some cases, you need to call in a mold remediation specialist. However, in small patches, you can often clean mold and mildew yourself. Cleaning small patches of mold or mildew can help protect your home from further growth – and it can protect you from the negative health effects that can occur.

How to Clean Mold and Mildew Yourself

You can use baking soda, borax or vinegar to clean most small patches of mold and mildew. Here’s how.

How to Clean Mold or Mildew With Baking Soda

Add a quarter of a tablespoon of baking soda to a spray bottle. Shake it until it’s dissolved. Spray the area, then scrub it with a brush to remove the mold from the surface. Rinse the surface with water to remove residual mold. Then, spray the area again and let it dry to kill whatever mold is left.

How to Clean Mold or Mildew With Borax

Mix one cup of borax with a gallon of hot water and apply it to the area covered in mold. Do not use this method on drywall, though, because it will absorb the liquid and make the problem worse. Scrub the area with a rag or a wire brush until the mold is gone, and then wipe the area off. Make sure it dries thoroughly.

How to Clean Mold or Mildew With Vinegar

You can use vinegar on porous surfaces. Spray vinegar directly on the mold and wait about 15 minutes. Then scrub the wall to remove the dead mold. Conversely, if you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

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