If you’ve discovered mildew on upholstery, you’re in a tough spot – you may be able to clean it yourself, or you may have to take it to a professional. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to replace the upholstery (or the entire piece of furniture), but don’t do that until you’ve tried these DIY solutions and taken it to a professional unless the damage is significant.

How to Clean Mildew From Upholstery

Mildew and mold have a tough time growing on upholstery – they both need really specific conditions to exist. Those conditions include organic food sources (like dirt) that get embedded in the materials and moisture. If the dirt and soil that’s ground into the materials gets wet and stays wet, there’s a good chance that mold or mildew will thrive there.

If your upholstery has significant water damage, mildew or mold, replace it.

You should never attempt to clean silk, wool or vintage upholstery yourself – those should always be cleaned by a professional.

If you’re going to try to do it yourself, you need a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution (you can buy it at any drug store). Soak a cotton ball or the corner of a clean rag in the peroxide solution, and then blot it on the mold. Leave it alone for about a minute – and then rinse it away as best you can with dabbing it with a damp cloth (or a sponge and a dry cloth). Mildew is more likely to improve than mold is from this kind of treatment!

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