If you’re like many people, you have a spring cleaning To-Do list – and this guide explains how to clean for home safety this spring.

How to Clean for Home Safety This Spring

When you’re performing your standard spring cleaning, consider adding these tasks, which can help keep your home safe:

  1. Deep-clean your dryer. Though cleaning the lint trap after you dry a load of clothes is always a good idea, you need to know that your dryer may be accumulating lint in other areas, two period lint is flammable, so you should thoroughly clean your dryer by moving it away from your wall and washing down every surface. You can also use a vacuum attachment or a long brush to clean out the lint trap inlet and vent pipe.
  2. Check for mold. Your bathroom, laundry rooms, and areas beneath your sinks are most likely pretty mold friendly. You should check these areas for mold, which may have a musty smell and appear fuzzy. If you find mold, you should call a mold remediation company right away.
  3. Inspect electrical cords. As you clean behind entertainment stands, dressers and other surfaces, check your electrical cords to make sure they’re not damaged or wound up in a way that could pose a fire hazard.
  4. Schedule a chimney cleaning. If you have a fireplace in your home, spring is a great time to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. you should also have it inspected in the fall, before you use it for the winter season.

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