Michigan’s tornado season runs from April to July, but as we all know, Michigan weather is always unpredictable – a tornado could strike at virtually any time.

Here’s what you need to know to protect and care for your pets during a tornado.

How to Care for Pets During a Tornado

The biggest thing you can do to care for your pets during a tornado is to plan ahead. Put together a pet tornado kit and figure out where you’ll go to take shelter. You should pick an interior room with no windows that’s on the lowest floor – but if you have a basement, that’s always better.

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Here’s how to care for your pets during a tornado, while you’re all in your safe spot:

  • Close off unsafe areas. Scared cats and dogs might make a break for the door, so make sure it’s shut. Also, block off nooks and crannies where your pet may try to hide.
  • Move dangerous items. Take out tools and toxic chemicals that you store in the shelter space before you hide in there.
  • Keep dogs on leashes. Your dog’s leash and harness will alert him or her that he needs to stick by you, just like he or she would on a walk – and it provides you with extra control if your pet tries to escape.
  • Keep cats in carriers. Cats often feel safer in a carrier – even if they don’t like it – and the truth is, they are safer there during a disaster.
  • Make sure all your pets are wearing ID tags. If your pet escapes, having a current ID tag will help him or her get back home safely.
  • Listen to the radio and don’t leave your shelter space until it’s safe.

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