Repairing a house after a fire can take quite some time – but it depends on several factors, including how severe the fire was and how much water was required to put it out.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Long Does it Take to Repair a House After a Fire?

You probably have a lot of questions if you’ve just been through a house fire, such as “Where is my family going to live? How long will this take? Can we move back into our home?”

The answer is that it takes a different amount of time for different fires. You should talk to your fire repair specialist to find out how long it’s going to take to repair your space and get it back into livable condition again.

Small Fires

Small fires might not take very long to repair. For example, if the fire in your home was confined to the kitchen, you may just need minor repairs and a lot of cleaning. Your fire cleanup crew will be able to let you know how long everything will take to get back on track.

Mid-Sized Fires

If your home went through a medium-sized fire that didn’t cause extensive damage, you’ll still need repair and remediation. For example, there may be damage to your walls, floors, furnishings and other items. The extent of the damage will determine how long it’ll take to get things back up and running.

Large Fires

When a fire causes major damage to your home, such as when it starts in one room and spreads to others, it can take days – or even weeks – to repair. Generally speaking, a small house can take around three weeks to repair and get back into livable condition.

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