A house fire could break out at any time, so it’s always best to be both proactive and prepared. Consider these two tips to protect and prep your home.


Have Your Chimney Inspected and Cleaned Yearly

Every year across the country there are nearly 18,000 fires caused by fireplaces and other wood-burning appliances, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). If your home has a chimney, be sure to have it professionally inspected and cleaned every year to verify that it’s in good working order, and to remove the buildup of soot and debris. If your family seldom uses your fireplace, it’s still wise to have it checked just to be sure that no animals have taken up residence inside.


On CSIA’s website you can find a certified pro in your area to inspect your chimney. If your chimney has collected one-eighth of an inch of soot, or more, it’s due for a cleaning.


Be Sure That Your House Numbers Are Clearly Visible From the Street

If you’ve got a fire emergency, your family’s safety could be further jeopardized if first responders aren’t able to easily read your house numbers from the street. You may think that a fire should be easy to spot, regardless of your house numbers. But conflagrations, like ones that start as a grease fire on a stovetop or in a wastepaper basket, may not be apparent from the street, and first responders need to easily make out your house numbers to be sure that they are at the right residence.

If your house numbers aren’t posted in a prominent place on the front of your home, consider relocating them. Or, if your numbers are in an ideal spot, but they’re obscured by overgrown trees or other foliage, trim back the greenery and keep it controlled.

Also, consider the level of contrast between the color of the numbers and the color of your house to make sure your numbers stand out. Keep them well-lit so that they’re easy to see at night, and consider adding a light to illuminate them if you don’t already have one.

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