Even when the proper precautions are taken a fire can still break out inside of your home. You need to know exactly what to do to protect yourself and your family. Here’s what you should do if a fire starts in your residence.


Yell “Fire!” and Evacuate

Yell “fire” as many times as you can to alert members of your household of imminent danger. Evacuate your residence right away—according to your escape plan (if you have one pre-established), and leave your belongings behind. If you live in a building with elevators, be sure to use the stairs.


If your primary escape route is blocked with closed doors or door handles that are warm to the touch, or if smoke impedes your path, use a secondary way out. Never open doors that are warm to the touch.


If you absolutely must travel through smoke to make your escape, get as low as possible to go beneath the smoke to reach your exit. Pull doors closed behind you as you go.


Once You’re Outdoors Seek Safety

Once you’re outside go to your family’s pre-determined meeting place, which should be a safe distance from your home. Use a neighbor’s phone to call 911 or your local fire department. If you can’t reach the meeting place, follow your family’s emergency communication plan.


If Your Escape Routes Are Blocked

If smoke, heat, or flames impede your escape routes, remain in the room where you are and keep the door closed. Wedge a wet towel beneath the door and dial 911 or your local fire department. If you’re in a room with a window, open it and wave a brightly-colored item of clothing, a cloth, or a flashlight to indicate that you need help.


Stop, Drop, and Roll

If your clothing catches on fire, do not run—doing so will only feed oxygen to the flames. Stop and drop to the ground, covering your face if possible. Try to roll back and forth, or over and over until the flames are extinguished. You can cool your burned skin using water for approximately three to five minutes. Seek medical attention.

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