Fire Damage Restoration Process for Commercial Businesses

A fire in a commercial building is definitely a disaster – and if you’re like most people, you know that you need to get in touch with a fire damage restoration expert in Washtenaw or Jackson County. But what will the fire damage restoration process look like, how long will it take, and how much will it cost?

Here’s what you need to know.

Fire Damage Restoration Process for Commercial Businesses

First things first: When you work with a fire damage restoration expert, you won’t have to worry about much – your contractor will handle everything from start to finish. That’s a big relief for most business owners, especially because they’re already dealing with the stress of trying to keep a company functioning.

Usually, the fire damage restoration process follows these six steps:

  1. Professional assessment
  2. Safety basics
  3. Water removal
  4. Soot and smoke removal
  5. Cleanup
  6. Restoration and repair

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Professional Assessment

Your fire damage restoration specialist will assess the situation by going through the entire property. He’ll determine how extensive the damage is and then start developing a plan for cleanup and restoration.

#2. Safety Basics

Before cleanup and restoration can begin, your commercial fire damage restoration expert will put appropriate safety measures in place. That can include boarding up windows, putting a tarp over the roof and ensuring that gas, water and electrical systems are shut off.

#3. Water Removal

After firefighters put out a fire, there’s a lot of water left behind – and the first thing your restoration contractors will do is start removing it. They’ll bring in dehumidifiers and fans to start the drying process, and at the same time, they’ll evaluate whether there are existing leaks in the plumbing and identify places mold could develop.

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#4. Soot and Smoke Removal

Smoke and soot typically permeate the majority of surfaces in a commercial building. Your restoration contractor will remove it from the ceilings, walls and other surfaces. He’ll also provide you with guidance on whether you should discard upholstered furniture or replace the flooring.

#5. Cleanup

Your contractor will evaluate what can be cleaned or repaired and what should be replaced. The team will bring in special equipment to help remove smoke odors and clean the air in the space, as well.

#6. Restoration and Repair

Repairs to drywall, new paint, new flooring and other restoration will take place after the area is completely cleaned.

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