Storm damage can be extremely serious – but it doesn’t just come from blowing winds and rain. Here’s what else can cause damage:

  • Tornadoes
  • Supercell thunderstorms
  • Microbursts
  • Hail


A tornado is, essentially, a rotating column of air that typically extends from a thunderstorm into the ground. Wind speeds can reach up to 300 miles per hour.

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Supercell Thunderstorms

Supercell thunderstorms are long-lasting thunderstorms that have a balance of updrafts and downdrafts. They’re the most likely type to produce tornadoes, too – and wind speeds can exceed 200 miles per hour.


A microburst is a downdraft that occurs during a thunderstorm. In order to qualify as a microburst, it has to be less than 2.5 miles in scale. They’re actually a type of tornado, but they can cause even more damage than the kind of tornado we’re all used to seeing can.


Hail forms when small drops of water are caught in a thunderstorm’s updraft. The water droplets keep rising higher until they freeze – and then, when they get heavy, they fall to the ground. The process can keep happening, with small hailstones picking up more and more water, until the hail is just too heavy to stay in the air. That’s when hail stones get really big – and tend to cause the most damage to your home and vehicle.

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