Common Mistakes in Installing Gutters

If you’re like most people, you aren’t exactly sure what to do when it comes to installing gutters and downspouts. These are three of the most common mistakes people make that end up doing more harm than good – including creating a wet basement filled with water damage or mold.

Common Mistakes in Installing Gutters

Installing Gutters Mistake #1: Calculating the Gutter Pitch Wrong

Gutters can look perfectly even, but it’s a visual trick – a properly installed gutter will have a slight pitch that allows water to flow toward the downspout. The rule of thumb is one to two inches of decline for every 40 feet in length (so it’s really gradual and barely noticeable). This pitch keeps debris from accumulating in your gutters and lets water flow smoothly.

Installing Gutters Mistake #2: Bad Spacing in the Mounting or Hanger System

The gutters need to be attached by a mounting system, and each hanger needs to be spaced close to the next to provide the right amount of support. Without adequate support, the gutters will sag – or worse, fall right off your house.

Installing Gutters Mistake #3: Using Too Many Seams

Your gutters need to be welded or soldered together so water doesn’t escape, but you don’t have to weld every foot. Plan your construction for as few welds or solders as possible to save yourself time and money – and to minimize weak points in your gutters that could cause you problems down the road.

Do You Have Water Damage in Your Basement?

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