Faulty wiring can cause catastrophic house fires – in fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, tens of thousands of fires each year are caused by outdated or improperly installed electrical wiring.

What Causes Wiring Fires in Homes?

The age of a home plays a big role in whether it’s susceptible to wiring fires. That’s because electrical codes – what the government requires electrical systems to adhere to – evolve over time to promote better safety. A home that’s 50 years old and has never had its wiring updated could be significantly more dangerous than a home that’s currently under construction will be.

Over time, dust and debris can build up around wires, too, and sparks can quickly catch flammable items on fire.

Other common factors in wiring fires include:

  • Service drops
  • Weather heads
  • Service entrance cables
  • Distribution panels
  • Ground faults

Sometimes a loose connection in an electrical outlet causes a fire, as do papers and other flammable items that touch electrical outlets and grab sparks. Overheating in wires can also start an electrical fire, as can:

  • Damaged cords and plugs
  • Improperly installed outlets
  • Overheating appliances
  • Alterations to wiring, often made by unqualified technicians or homeowners themselves
  • Defects in wires and other equipment
  • Improper use of electrical systems, such as the use of 100-watt bulbs in older fixtures that aren’t equipped to handle them

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