Termites can be the undoing of a home. They can eat away at major structural components of your residence, like sill plates and floor and ceiling joists. But shouldn’t your home be safe from these insatiable insects during the cold winter months? Are termites still active then? Here are four things to know.


Termites are active all throughout the year—even during the winter.

There are four main species of termites: drywood, dampwood, Eastern subterranean, and Formosan subterranean termites. Although cold winter weather can impact each species differently, all remain active during the winter season.


In the cold winter months subterranean termites usually burrow deeper into the earth, sometimes as far as 40 inches below the soil, to reach the warmer soil they require in order to survive. They search for food sources near their nests.


Other species, which typically exist closer to the surface of the soil, may tunnel deeper as well, and abandon sources of sustenance that make them vulnerable to cold temperatures.


You may find termites inside of your home in the wintertime.

If your home provides the right conditions—moisture, wood, and warmth, it is an open invitation for termites. Drywood and subterranean termites that are able to feed and shelter inside of your home’s walls or foundation won’t be impacted by cold temperatures, and in the soil next to heated basements termite tunneling and activity may be business as usual.


During the winter months you probably won’t see termite swarms.

From December to February you’re not likely to find termite swarms, except in states with tropical weather, like Florida. In northern locales you may spot signs of wintertime termites with the evidence of damaged wood or mud tubes.


It’s important to stay vigilant.

If you’ve had past issues with termites, you should remain vigilant—even during the winter season. If you suspect that you might have a termite problem, reach out to an inspector who can examine your home and property to spot active colonies, or previously active ones.


If your home has incurred significant termite damage, our experts are equipped to assess the situation and begin remediation efforts to get your residence back on track.


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