No time is a good time for a tornado to strike. But one that hits while you and your family are asleep can be a terrifying possibility. Research reveals the reality behind this troubling concern.

Twisters that touch down at night are more than two times as likely to result in fatalities as those that occur during the day, according to a Northern Illinois University study that examined 48,000 tornadoes in the U.S. between 1950 and 2005. This means that about one out of every 20 nighttime tornadoes were deadly, as opposed to about one out of every 50 twisters that occurred during the day.

Over the 55-year interval reviewed in the study (from 1950 to 2005), researchers found that nighttime twisters accounted for only about 27 percent of all tornados, but were responsible for 39 percent of tornado fatalities and 42 percent of killer tornadoes.

Why Are There More Tornado Fatalities at Night?

Here are three reasons:

Residents in impacted areas may not be able to spot an approaching tornado at night, unless—for example—it’s lit by frequent lightening. Meteorological and social science experts face the challenge of convincing the public to take shelter expeditiously without first wasting valuable time looking outside to see if they can spot the tornado threat.

In the dark of night fewer storm chasers may be inclined to risk their safety in the pursuit of storms and potential twisters, which can lessen meteorologists’ ability to verify tornado activity during that time.

One of the most obvious reasons for more tornado deaths at night is that a majority of residents in communities are asleep during that time, and are unaware that a tornado in their area is imminent.

Important Things to Know

It’s of utmost importance to have many ways to receive tornado warnings, like your smartphone—to receive wireless emergency alerts, or even a NOAA—National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—weather radio, which you can find at a majority of electronics retailers. This radio has a warning alarm that you can set to ring loudly when a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch or warning is issued by the National Weather Service.

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