A fire can change your life – but what happens right after the flames are extinguished? Here’s what you need to know.

After the Fire: What You Need to Know

A house fire can cause a tremendous amount of damage. In fact, your home and many of the things inside it might be badly damaged. The damage doesn’t come from the fire alone, either – heat, smoke and the water the firefighters used to douse the flames can also cause damage to your home and your belongings.

Unfortunately, some of the things that weren’t damaged by the fire might still be ruined by the smoke or water. The things that you’d like to save should go straight to the professionals for drying and cleaning.

You might also be upset to learn that in order to fight the fire, the firefighters might have had to break windows or cut holes in your roof. Both of those things slow the fire’s growth, and they provide vents for the black smoke that firefighters can’t see through. Additionally, firefighters sometimes have to cut holes in the walls to ensure they put out every part of the fire (and that it wasn’t smoldering inside your walls).

All of this combines to make it potentially unsafe for you to enter your home after the fire is out. Even the standing water that’s left over might contain things that can be harmful to your health – and that’s why you need a fire damage restoration company to come in and clear things out.

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