Birds aren’t very different from most animals when it comes to seeking shelter from the elements. While many critters may take cover within the gaps and openings around the foundation of your home, birds prefer higher sanctuaries on the exterior of your residence. Your dryer vent is like a luxury penthouse since it’s off the ground, away from predators, and provides protection from the elements.

When birds find safety within your dryer vent, however, they create danger for you. The nests they build inside, almost invariably composed of sticks and mud, pose a fire hazard by blocking the exit of hot air that’s expelled from your dryer when it’s in use.

Keeping Birds Out

The simplest way to prevent birds from taking up residence within your dryer, kitchen, or bathroom vents is to cover the vents with bird guards or mesh wire. There are lots of products available on the market. You may also consider changing your vents from flap doors to grate doors. All of these changes you can perform yourself.

Another option to keep birds out is to install a dryer closure system, which is relatively easy to implement. The way it works is that when your dryer is in use a floating shuttle opens to allow warm air to escape, and the shuttle closes (and stays closed) when the dryer’s not onkeeping cold and hot air from entering, and blocking access for birds. (This can have the added benefit of saving you money on heating and cooling expenses).

Removing Birds and Nests

If you hear scratching sounds and chirping coming from your dryer vent you likely have a bird that has become trapped. Removing birds and their nests can be challenging since vents are often difficult to access. Extrication can require the expertise of wildlife removal professionals who use specialized techniques and tools. Be sure to promptly address nesting birds to avoid the risk of a fire.

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