When your home floods, whether it’s due to heavy rains, a broken pipe or a sewage backup, your first instinct may be to panic – that’s totally normal. After you allow yourself a moment to gather your thoughts, use these seven tips to help minimize damage to your belongings.

7 Water Damage Tips You Can Use After a Disaster

Check out these seven water damage tips to use after a disaster:

  1. Remove excess water
  2. Wipe down furniture
  3. Prop up wet upholstered furniture
  4. Put foil or another material between your furniture legs and the floor
  5. Turn on your air conditioner
  6. Remove colored rugs from wet carpet
  7. Pick up loose items

Here’s a closer look at each.

Water Damage Tip #1: Remove excess water

Remove as much excess water as you can. If the flood is serious, you may want to call a local water damage restoration expert to help dry out your home.

Water Damage Tip #2: Wipe down furniture

Use a dry cloth or towel to wipe down wood furniture that’s been affected. Water spots can seep into wood and cause damage, so do this as soon as possible. 

Water Damage Tip #3: Prop up wet upholstered furniture

Remove cushions from sofas and chairs if they’ve gotten wet; prop them up on their sides so the water can drain toward the bottom as the pieces dry.

Water Damage Tip #4: Put foil or another material between your furniture legs and the floor

If the floor is wet, put squares of tin foil, wooden blocks, or even plastic wrap between the floor and furniture legs. 

Water Damage Tip #5: Turn on your air conditioner

Your air conditioner can help remove moisture from the air, so turn down the dial while you’re waiting for your space to dry out.

Water Damage Tip #6: Remove colored rugs from wet carpet

Colored rugs can leak dye on your carpet, so remove them from the floors and hang them outside as soon as you can.

Water Damage Tip #7: Pick up loose items

If there’s any debris from the flood or loose items on your floors, pick up everything you can. 

Pro Tip: Do not enter an area contaminated with black water. Leave that to the professionals.

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